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Smart Home: Chicago
The Greenest Home in Chicago will reopen on Earth Day--April 22, 2011--with new gadgets and inventive ways to live green! Come see the home that has inspired more than 200,000 guests how to make eco-friendly living a part of their lives

Why Design Now?: New York

Inaugurated in 2000, the Triennial program seeks out and presents the most innovative designs at the center of contemporary culture. In this fourth exhibition in the series, the National Design Triennial will explore the work of designers addressing human and environmental problems across many fields of the design practice, from architecture and products to fashion, graphics, new media, and landscapes. Cooper-Hewitt curators Ellen Lupton, Cara McCarty, Matilda McQuaid, and Cynthia Smith will present the experimental projects and emerging ideas for the period between 2006 and 2009.

Into Dutch Design: Stockholm
Under the umbrella name Into Dutch Design, the Netherlands Embassy, the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and the Agency for International Business and Cooperation (EVD), lay their best cards on the neatly designed table. Dutch design agency Uniquole answers for the artistic contents at the fair, during which the emphasis lies on the absence of boundaries when it comes to Dutch design: regardless of where in the world one is, Dutch designers are acknowledged and appreciated. The seventeen designers that participate showcase the absolute highlights of contemporary Dutch design. Established names and young, fresh-from-the-academy talents generate a creative energy, either with help of traditional craftwork or by using advanced new technologies. The common factor is the constant need to create tension and paradoxes to enrich the viewer with new perspectives.